Scuola di Atene - clickable image
The School Of Athens, Raphael (1483-1520)
Scuola di Atene, Raffaello Sanzio
The School of Athens portrays Plato, Aristotle, and other ancient philosophers engaged in philosophic inquiry.
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Changes to the Fresco Intended to Obscure Historical Revisionism
The Mystery Surrounding the Fresco  -  Comparisons of Raphael's preliminary compositional sketches with his final working drawings, detailed physical examinations of the fresco itself, including those made during the restoration of the masterpiece unveiled in 1996, and various historical documents and letters, some of which, though no longer extant, are quoted or paraphrased in contemporaneous documents, all reveal that significant changes from the artist's original conception of his masterpiece occurred prior to completion of the fresco, in 1510, and after completion of the fresco, by a radical alteration which may not have been at the artist's own hand, in 1511.  These changes point to mysterious tales of papal scandal, political intrigue, and mob violence stretching back to the fifth century C.E.

Preliminary Compositional SketchFINAL WORKING DRAWING

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