N. B. I. Seminars
Philosophic Inquiry
Cognition Sciences

The Institute conducts continuously recurrent series of introductory seminars, An Introduction to Philosophic Inquiry, in which all students are encouraged to participate.  Periodically recurrent series of advanced seminars provide unusual opportunities for comparative analysis and critical investigation of fundamental principles of metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, psychology, politics, economics, and aesthetics. 

Philosophy seminars are conducted in a manner designed to facilitate each participant’s independent formulation of a dynamic, comprehensive philosophical system.  Emphasis on both the formal rigor and the practical application of philosophy is of significant benefit to seminar participants who are striving to achieve and maintain that state of intellectual and emotional integration – with respect to world view, self-concept, personal life, and professional endeavor – which characterizes the individual of rationality, productivity, and pride.

The Institute conducts periodically recurrent series of interdisciplinary seminars and laboratories for professionals and students concerned with the nature of cognitive processes in men and machines.  Series are conducted in sensorial, perceptual-motor, and conceptual development, developmental psychology, psycholinguistics, information theory, artificial intelligence, and related academic and scientific disciplines. 

This work leads to the formulation and practical application of sound theories of learning and creativity in early-childhood education and effective parenting.  Some interpretations of these theories are tested at the College of Early Learning, a Montessori primary, elementary, and secondary school, operated by the Institute, where children of some of the seminar participants, reveal how they learn to learn, providing scientific insights into the nature of consciousness.

Critical analysis of fundamental principles from an interdisciplinary perspective facilitates the identification of logical contradictions and unchallenged assumptions implicit in the current orthodox foundations of many disciplines.  Such insight not only fosters both theoretical and practical achievement within particular disciplines but also promotes resolution of contradictions between those disciplines which fall within the broader scope of cognitive science. 

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